Bookend Pair Royal Air Force Badge Pilot Squadron 341 FreeFrenchFlight Spitfire



One oak bookend with a polychrome Badge of the Royal Air Force and bearing the motto : Per Ardua ad Astra" (Latin) - Through Adversity to the Stars The other bookend with a polychrome badge or shield of three crowns of Alsace the badge of no 341 Squadron, formed in 1943 out of the Free French Flight, who had been operating in the Western Desert. Its French name was Groupe de Chasse III/2 "Alsace". provenance : collector of war memorabilia height 15cm., 6 1/2" length and depth 13cm., 5", depth

No.341 SQUADRON Badge on a hand three crowns of Alsace. Motto Friendship. Formed 15 January 1943 Disbanded 27 November 1945. No 341 Squadron was a spitfire fighter squadron formed in January 1943 out of the Free French Flight, who had been operating in the Western Desert. Its French name was Groupe de Chasse III/2 "Alsace". In March the Squadron moved to RAF Biggin Hill and began flying first Channel patrols and then sweeps over France. It was a busy summer for No 341 Squadron and in October it moved to RAF Perranporth in Cornwall, adding convoy patrols and anti-shipping sorties over the Cornish coastline to its duties. In April the Squadron moved to RAF Merston, joining No 145 Wing, Second Tactical Air Force to prepare for the invasion. Its task now was to provide bombing escort for the tremendous volume of day-bombing raids, which were softening up northern France in readiness for the landings. On 6 June 1944 (D-Day) No 341 Squadron switched to low-level beachhead patrols and escorting Stirlings which were towing gliders to land behind enemy positions. In August the Squadron moved to France from where they carried out armed reconnaissance patrols, and gradually advanced into Belgium and Holland. At the start of 1945 they returned to Scotland to re-equip and then for the last few months of fighting carried out low-level strafing of communications targets. On 27 November 1945 the Squadron was disbanded and control passed to the Armée de l'Air. AIRCRAFT - Spitfire VB/IXB/XVI 1943 - 1945

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Height 17 cm / 6 34"
Width 15 cm / 6"
Depth 15 cm / 6"

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