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Whether I am buying an artwork, working on a public masterplan or private interiors project my aim is to animate unique features, relevance, spirit of being or place and ensure sustainability.  The combination of my heritage, dealing, interior and furniture design skills is unique giving me a breadth of experience, knowledge and resources to draw on, with vision and the ability to assess, make appropriate recommendations, lead and deliver.  Do get in touch if you would like more information.  Lucy

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Available Pieces

Bed Dog Sample Dolls Tester 4 Poster Upholstered Antiquarian Jacobean Style Oak
Twelve Set Chairs Armchairs Open Fruitwood Upholstered Dining Renaissance-Style
Chest of Drawers Commode Petite Walnut Italian
Table Trestle Dining Refectory 20-Seater Cherrywood
Bench Garden Painted Beech Portable Oxblood Red Folk Naïve Country Floral Fruit
Chinoiserie Toile Hangings Curtains French Blue & White Rococo
Pillows Cushions Pair Tapestry Baroque Brussels Floral Fruit Red Brown Blue Buff
Bench Massive Oxblood Red Painted Pine Country Folk Vernacular
Stool Fruitwood Treen Heart Love Minature Folk Vernacular Commemorative Child's
Bargello Flamestitch Silk Embroidery Florence Spetchley Park Bed Curtains Pair