Cobridge Stoneware Vase Sea Horses Blue Green Ochre Contemporary



A Cobridge stoneware vase, decorated with a repeat pattern of sea horses and foliage. Rare trial piece dated 8.8.2000,

Cobridge impressed stamp on the underside which is marked trial with the initials PAS & ML and the date 8.8.2000.

Measures: Height 29.5cm Diameter max 13cm Diameter (base of vase) 10.3cm

A Cobridge stoneware cylindrical Cathedral pattern vase, designed by Samantha Johnson, copyright 2000

Cobridge Stoneware was a short-lived pottery company born out of the fascination of the head of one of the leading potteries for a process that died with its inventor early in the twentieth century. Cobridge Stoneware was in business 1998-2005. It was an Associate company of Moorcroft Pottery. The consequence of the business closing in down 2005. Is that the vases are now becoming very rare and demanding premium prices on the secondary market.

Hugh Edwards, owner of Moorcroft, was keen to develop the ideas of William Howson Taylor, the man behind the closely guarded secrets of Ruskin Pottery. A new company and name was needed for the new range, Moorcroft is known and recognized universally by its distinctive appearance. Cobridge, an area of The Potteries, was featured in the Industrial Landscapes that were planned to furnish some of the designs for the new range. Its skyline was dominated in earlier years by bottle kilns, now mainly demolished, and Cobridge was chosen as the new name.

The Cobridge Pottery was set up in a new imposing building a couple of hundred yards from the Moorcroft pottery and the official opening was in September 1998. The building was designed with future needs in mind. Only the outer walls are load-bearing, and the inner walls are built from blocks which can, if the need arises, be knocked down and re-built in another place. All the pieces were produced and hand painted here.

The designs for Cobridge Stoneware Pottery vases were designed by well known ceramic designers. Many were also designing for Moorcroft Pottery. These designers include Philip Gibson, Kerry Goodwin, Nicola Slaney and Angela Davenport. Also Anita Harris and Samatha Johnson who have since collaborated establishing Anita Harris Art Pottery.

On the closure of Cobridge Stoneware. The moulds and the designs were acquired by Burslem Pottery. A selection of original designs may be viewed at Burslem Pottery. Medium.

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Height 29.5 cm / 11 "
Diameter 13 cm / 5 "

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