A rare, mid-18th century English delftware bowl inscirbed 'One More & Then'



The inside rim with a circle, and a band of trellis above the inscription. The outside with a cluster of leaves, and leafy trailing stems enclosing flower buds with a stylised flower-head. Decorated in blue on a blue glaze. Repairs to a break. Probably Liverpool, circa 1760. 1054376.

Reference : The inscription is a shortened version of the 18th century saying "One bowl of punch more, and then we part". It was further shortened to become the motto on a "Drunkards Coat of Arms" : "One more and then". In that form the expression appears on at a bowl in the Bristol Collection and another bowl sold by Sothebys on July 21st 1981, lot 38. Lipski & Archer equate the expression to the modern "One more for the road". Other variants of the saying appear on various fragement of delftware bowls : "One more bowl will", "One bowl more", and "The other bowl and then".

British Delft at Williamsburg (Austin) nos 56 & 76. Dated English Delftware (Lipski & Archer no. 1148. English Delftware, Bristol Collection (Britton) nos 8.22, 8.23, 8.34,16.30, 16.50, 16.80. Old Bristol Potteries (Pountney) plate XI. English Delftware Pottery (Ray) pp 92/95. Lipski Collection Sale 10/03/1982, lot 165. Kassebaum Collection Sale, 17/10/92, lot 95. British Museum, ex. Franks Collection.

Diameter: 19.00 cm./7.50 in.

Punch-bowls represent one of the most splendid and important types of English delftware. Most families had their own punch-bowls which were brought-out on important occasions, and filled with the hot steaming punch in which the 18th century delighted. Since punch-bowls occupied a conspicuous place in the household, fine workmanship was put into them. Punch-bowls were made in different shapes according to when they were made, and where they were manufactured. A number of punch-bowls carried inscriptions inside them which became visible as they were emptied, and which tend to be either patriotic slogans to which a toast might be drunk or exhortations to conviviality.

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18th Century