A rare, late-19th century, 'antiquarian', oak, wing armchair in the Baroque, Revival style upholstered in exceptional, 17th century, Brussels, tapestry



The back with a scroll cresting and flanked by scroll wings and arms centering a rectangular loose, cushioned seat. The frame is upholstered in finely woven 17th century, tapestry with a mask above a stylised, cartouche with a landscape vignette. The sides and back upholstered in a modern twill. Standing on turned front legs with mushroom cappings joined by an elaborate double 'C' scroll stretcher. The side and central stretchers turned and the back legs have both been spliced and retain a gentle rake. The tapestry has been cleaned and conserved. The oak frame has an exceptional, original colour and patina.
Height 136 cm., 53 ½ in. Width 87 cm., 34 in., Depth 59 cm., 23 in.,
Seat height 51cm., 20 in., Length 58 cm., 23 in., Depth 51 cm., 20 in.,

This 19th century armchair is inspired by the finest, model of upholstered armchair which was the pinnacle of status and introduced from 1685-1695. This was the first, fully upholstered armchair, which evolved from the open, upholstered armchair. It was conceived as a visual display of the finest, textiles of the period and consequently very expensive and supplied only to Royal and Noble households where it would be reserved for the monarch or head of the household.

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19th Century




oak and tapestry