Sconce Wall Brass Repousse Dutch Golden Age Baroque 17th Century Fruit Grapes Cresting Two Branch/Arm



Exceptionally rare museum piece in original condition with repairs and additions and retaining the upper cresting which is generally lost. Lovely repousse in deep relief with fruit, grapes and berries suggesting this was made for a dining room The hand holding the candle branches is a rare feature The branches are I believe original with 19th century pans which distorts the original form and the finial which is original to the branches has been re-applied. The brass has oxidised to resemble copper from environmental conditions over time and can be polished but this will remove the patina.

The back cresting is attached to the main part of the sconce with two replaced iron plates and nails. I dont know how old this repair is but I suspect C19 as it is very rusted and I imagine the join weakened from environmental conditions and or replaced an original copper plate similar to that at the bottom of the body of the sconce supporting the hand. You can see from the back there are some old repairs with filler again probably C19 from environmental wear as the brass is typically quite thin.

Is so rare to find a period sconce of its type with its cresting and it will sell to a collector or a museum so I have not touched the surface as once the existing patina of age is removed it will take 100's of years to recreate. However I have polished the inside of one of the roundels to show the brass underneath the current oxidised patina, see photo.

I think that the removeable section with the candle holders is older than I originally thought and has been adapted and the pans added in C19, the finial has been refixed so it is an old repair and I think it may be original repaired and adapted.

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Measures: Height 38.5cm., 15" Width 23.5cm., 9 1/4". Depth 0.5cm.

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Height 38.5 cm / 15 "
Width 23.5 cm / 9 12"
Depth 0.5 cm / "

17th Century


circa 1680





Collectors / Designers



Baroque (Of the period)


GOOD. Wear consistent with age and use.