A good, late-17th century, oak chest of drawers

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The plank top in two sections faced with an applied, moulded edge. The sides with one panel. The frieze with four side-hung, long drawers. All decorated with applied, geometric mouldings, and with replaced handles and escutcheons. The top drawer lined with blue paper and the others with pages from a mid-18th century workbook, probably in the hand of Winnifred, with the following moral, inscriptions penned in caligraphy :
” Wisdom ever charms , Tempt not to sin, Quit immoral men,
Love your neighbour, Honest poverty is true nobility, Quit extravagant company, Winnifred a saint, Tempt not to sin, Let prudence and moderation govern your action, Health is a valuable blessing , Virtue gains sure reputation, Politeness commands esteem, Pride intoxicates weak minds, Trust not in riches ”
The lower moulding replaced and standing on stile feet, the back original, the front replaced. Excellent original colour and patina. English, second half of the 17th century.

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