A massive, 320cm long, 100cm wide, 14-16 seater, antiquarian, monastery-type table, the thick 18th century oak top upcycled in the late-19th/early-20th century onto an x-ended base

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Tables of trestle, or x-ended construction, made from massive boards of oak or elm were the most common type of early dining table and few survive. Those that do tend to be narrow and genuine examples of long and wide, trestle or ‘X-ended’ tables are scarce. X-ended tables are the most comfortable and practical from a seating perspective as the base does not get in the way. This characterful table has an outstanding top which is very tactile with a wonderful rich, lustrous patina.

The massive 9cm., 3.5in thick top is in three sections with an iron band at one end. The top is secured onto the ‘X’ended base with three massive bolts. The tactile top has an exceptional original colour and lustrous patina.

Length 321cm, Depth 100cm Height 77cm

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