A massive 17th century, Italian, silvered, triangular, torchere, 123cm. 4ft high

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This massive torchere is characteristic of the baroque period in both the form and ornament employed. It would have glistened with the light reflecting from the matt and burnished silvered surfaces. It is an impressive piece injecting gravitas into an interior.

The top with a replaced iron pricket to secure a candle. The front decorated with matt silvering and central burnished panels decorated with diamond outlines and four points where the diamonds intersect. The waist has gadrooning and three carved amorini profiles . The two sides are painted grey. The base with acanthus leaves above a tripod base of scroll feet on a flat base providing stablility. Original patina with the silvering worn in places exposing the red bole ground.

Height 123cm. 4ft, Width & Depth 40cm. 16in.

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