A 3 1/2 inch thick, 16th century, French, oak, monastery table top. United with old, iron trestles

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The 3 ½ “ thick, 159 ½ cm., 62 ¾ “long, single plank is finely figured and faced with wide 12 cm., 4 ½ “ cleats at either end. United with iron trestles.

Total Length 182 cm. 71 5/8 in., Height 83 cm., 32 ½ in., Depth 58 cm., 22 ¾ in.
Thickness 9 cm., 3 ½ in.,

REFERENCE : The Bruno Perrrier Collection, Ader-Tajan, 6th April 1992, lot 9, table de monastere, a rare 16th/17th century oak and beech, ‘Bigtourdane’ table. The name is given to tables made around Bagneres de Bigorrre, in the Pyrenees. The table was 361cm long and 100cm wide.
Sothebys, Haute Epoque, 29th October 2003, lot 109 is a related, oak trestle table described as 15th/16th century, probably Burgundian which was 292cm/9ft 7 in long and 89cm/2ft 11in wide and sold for £110,000.
Sothebys, Haute Epoque, 1st November 2005, lot 8, a French, Gothic oak trestle table described as 16th/17th century which was 273cm/8ft 11in long and 93cm/2ft.3.5 wide, sold for £ 48,000.

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