A rare, small, inlaid, German chest, dated 1659

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The top fitted with a large, moulded panel. The hinges replaced and the lock removed. The moulded front is inspired by architecture, framing the chest. The three, central panels are finely, inlaid with walnut and exotic woods following the theme further by creating achitectural perspective. The date is carved on the chest below the central panel. The sides are decorated with two, deep, moulded panels. The carrying handles have been removed. The chest stands on stile feet which are decorated with applied mouldings. The chest has developed a wonderful, golden tone over time. German, 1659.

This rare chest has many features associated with the finest furniture of the period which was termed the ‘golden age’. The architectural theme is inspired by the grand building projects of the ‘golden age’, and was the height of fashion and intellectual discussion in Europe. The use of fine inlays to create architectural perspective was highly skilled and is only found on pieces of the highest calibre.

Reflecting fine architecture, this chest has a fine, proportion, which is enhanced by the use of deep, mouldings which create an architectural framework to hold the decoration. The colour and patina have matured to a rich, luster, with many mellow tones blending together created by the use of different fruitwoods in the inlay.

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