A rare, late-18th/early 19th century, Spanish, pine, painted, estate bookcase

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This Estate Cabinet is very rare, I have never seen another so I have nothing to relate it to. The gilded and painted drawers simulating superior woods such as walnut and ebony enrichen the cabinet and they invoke atmosphere. The contrast between this and the pine is very attractive. Aside from the aesthetic, it is a very useful piece.

In one piece. The top half fitted with drawer and pigeon holes. The drawers are painted to simulate ebony panels on walnut with ebony mouldings. The drawer panels are gilded and inscribed in Spanish, see translation below. The bottom part has panelled doors opening to reveal a cupboard with fitted with compartments. On sledge feet.

Length 82 ½ cm., 32 ½ in., Height 185 cm., 73 in.,. Depth 36 cm., 14 in.,

Translation of drawer inscriptions :

Statements Invoices Letters
Accounts Receivable Notes Contracts
Deeds Bank Drafts Balance Sheets

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