Wooded Landscape

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(British 1912-1977)
Wooded Landscape

Pen and ink
Circa 1943

Thos. Agnew & Sons Ltd., London, No CM2204

Sheet height 11.50 cm., 4½ in., Length 20.50 cm., 8 in.,
Floated in an Italian cassetta brown marbled & gilded frame
Frame Height 29 cm., 11.38 in., Length 38 cm., 15 in.,

Vaughan’s landscape drawings of this period began as sketches made on the spot which he worked on in inks and gouache during his long evenings in the Orderly Room at Eden Camp in North Yorkshire. Ignoring the green pastures around him Vaughan chose to limit his palette to brown, ochre, grey white and black Indian ink. Vaugan was restricted to small works on paper and in water-based media and the compositions were works of fantasy which conveyed more of what he felt than what he saw. Vaughan at this time was consciously a Romantic artist very much inspired by Sutherland greatly influenced by both the man and his work.

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