A rare, English, delftware plate, dated 1741and inscribed ‘SC’

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Painted with a chinoiserie floral scene with a floral spray and flowering bamboo within a circle centre. The rim painted with an unrecorded border of
six busts amongst foliage and flowers. The back inscribed with the initials ā€˜S Cā€™, with a flower interposed, and the date ā€˜1741ā€™ amongst foliage. Rim chip restoration. Painted in blue on a pale, blue glaze. Probably London.
Reference : This is the only recorded date with this pattern which is not listed in Dated English Delftware (Lipski & Archer). Delftware (Archer) B60.
Diameter : 30.50 cm./12.00 in. 50481082

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