A fine, late-17th century, 6-8 seater, oak gateleg table retaining an exceptional surface

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The plank top in three sections. The hinges original. The plain frieze with drawers at either end, lined in oak, one re-lined and with a replaced knob. Standing on barley-twist and baluster-turned legs, joined by barley-twist and baluster-turned stretchers. Exceptional configuration, original colour and patina. English, fourth quarter of the 17th century. 60291132.

This fine piece has developed an outstanding surface over time, to a degree which is rarely found on tables that were used for dining due to their heavy use. One leaf has been used less than the other accounting for the deeper encrustation of patina on its surface. This subtle feature is generally found on gateleg tables retaining their original surface, as they tended to be moved against a wall with either one or both flaps down when not in use. The baluster developing into barley-twist were the highest quality turnings of the time and consequently the height of fashion. They give this table elegance and fluidity, and balance the overall proportion of the piece.

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