A rare, late-17th century, 10-seater, oak gateleg table

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The plank top in three sections with 18th and 19th century repairs and reinforcements to the underside. The hinges replaced in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Standing on ball and fillet turned legs, joined by square stretchers, on original toes. Excellent configuration, original colour and patina. English, third quarter of the 17th century. 60591140

Gateleg tables were used for informal dining in family rooms in the home, and it is rare to find a table of this size. The joiner has selected timber with decorative and fluid, circular and wavy configuration for the top. The wide grain of the timber accounts for the movement and shrinkage resulting in the need to reinforce the top during the 18th century. There is evidence that two other sets of hinges have been on this table, in addition to the original butterfly hinges which, in conjunction with the colour of the top, leads to the conclusion that it has been often used during its life. The solid ball-and-fillet turnings harmonise with the size of the top, creating a balanced proportion. Some reclaimed timber has been used within the construction of this piece. The colour and patina have matured into an excellent crusty surface, particularly on the legs and stretchers. One leaf has been used less often than the other and retains a slightly deeper surface and colour.

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