Two, large, 19th century, print boxes together with a 20th century print box

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Height 79 cm., 31 in., Length 64 cm., 25 in., Depth 9 cm., 3.5 in.,

Red leather spine with gilding, titled ‘Joshua Reynolds, Vol III’. Marble paper covers. Bearing old labels and numbers. First half of 19th century.

£ 650 for the three

Height 72 cm., 28 in., Length 56 cm., 22 in., Depth 10 cm., 4 in.
The spine rebound in burgundy leather. Marble paper covers. First half of 19th century.

Height 71cm., 28 in., Length 53 cm., 21 in., Depth 12 cm., 5 in.
20th century, tan leather with brown cloth.

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