A contemporary installation juxtaposing antique and modern.
An installation juxtaposing early furniture with 20th century art.
An installation showing early, modern and contemporary pieces.
A Queen Anne panelled installation juxtaposing antique and modern.
Best Dressed Stand, British Art Fair
The Stone Barn, Burford
The Stone Barn, Burford
The Stone Barn, Christmas Exhibition

Early Furniture & Works of Art

I specialise in 16th and 17th century English and Continental furniture, with emphasis on the Italian and Spanish Renaissance period, and French Haute Epoque. There are comparatively few dealers specialising in antiques of this description, and I carry a large stock. The accent is on originality, provenance, patina, and condition, with museum and collector calibre items shown alongside pieces which have a broader appeal to clients furnishing houses and apartments.

Lucy Johnson Gallery

I specialise in Modern British Masters, such as Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, John Piper & Graham Sutherland, who are international figureheads in terms of their contribution and the scope of their influence. My artists are represented in public collections worldwide, and each picture is a significant example of technique, with interesting provenance and context.

Commissioned Furniture

This exclusive collection provides clients with unique pieces of bronze furniture commissioned from leading sculptors. It is difficult to source what are now considered essential furniture items, such as low tables, narrow consoles and wide dining tables, as they were not made in early times and are rarely individual. I commission original, functional, conversation pieces that can be personalised and transcend design into art form. No casts are made, and using the lost wax process ensures that each piece is unique and cannot be repeated.

Each piece is comprehensively researched and catalogued and any restoration is documented. Each client automatically receives with this information a full set of photographs, together with relevant gallery and exhibition catalogues.

I hope that you will find this On-Line Gallery, comprehensive and easy to use. It contains photographs and catalogue/tear sheets of current stock as well as an archive and search facility. Any feedback is welcome as we are striving to deliver a website that works for you.