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Whether I am buying an artwork, working on a public masterplan or private interiors project my aim is to animate unique features, relevance, spirit of being or place and ensure sustainability.  The combination of my heritage, dealing, interior and furniture design skills is unique giving me a breadth of experience, knowledge and resources to draw on, with vision and the ability to assess, make appropriate recommendations, lead and deliver.  Do get in touch if you would like more information.  Lucy

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Available Pieces

Settee, Late 19th Century, English, Charles II Style, Cut-Velvet
Lantern, Delftware, Late 18th Century, Dutch, Polychrome, Tryhorn Collection
Connoisseur, Complete 218 Volumes in 84 Books Bound in Leather and Cloth
Henry Moore, Standing Nude, Pen, Ink, Charcoal on Paper, Figurative, 1930s
Fishing Float, Early 20th Century, Glass, Rope, Ornament, Sea, Fishermen
John Tunnnard, Two Heads, Watercolor and Gouache, 1950s, Picture, Surrealism
John Piper, Rock-Face, Modern British, Oil on Panel, 20th Century, Abstract
Terry Frost, Thrust, Modern British Picture, Ink and Wash on Paper, 1950s
John Piper, Tetbury, Ink, Watercolor, Gouache, Pastel, 20th Century, Abstract
Table Cabinet, Mid-17th Century, Flemish Baroque, Ebonized and Tortoishell