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Bedcover Hanging Curtains Linen Green Ivory Damask Handwoven

Bedcover Hanging Curtains Linen Green Ivory Damask Handwoven

circa 1650
255.00cm high (100.39 inches high)
229.00cm wide (90.16 inches wide)
0.50cm deep (0.20 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
Exceptionally rare, 17th century, green and ivory, damask, linen, woven bedcover

- Made as a luxury item in the mid-17th century, woven with a damask pattern characteristic of Renaissance ornament for the highest status piece of furniture in the home
- This bedspread comprises five panels, each panel has 3 ½ pattern repeats. Few period bedspreads survive as many were cut-up and recycled into cushion covers, smaller curtains or chair seats.
- It is in remarkable condition suggesting that it has been packed away for a large part of its life. It has been treated by Thermolignum as a precaution and cleaned.
- It is ready to either be reinstated as a bedcover or a hanging or, if the panels were separated it could be used as an applied feature on curtains or bedcurtains. One end panel and half a repeat of the other end panel are faded from exposure to light.

Measures: Overall width 229 cm, 7ft 6 inches/panel 46 cm., 18 inches
Overall length 255 cm 8ft 4 inches.


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