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Lignum Vitae Treen Vices Pair of Minature Tree of Life

Lignum Vitae Treen Vices Pair of Minature Tree of Life

circa 1750
18.00cm high (7.09 inches high)
6.00cm wide (2.36 inches wide)
6.00cm deep (2.36 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
- Collector's specimens
- Lignum vitae is sought after for the beauty of its grain, coloring, patina, density and toughness

Translated from Latin, vignum vitae means “wood of life” – probably adopted because of its medicinal qualities. The body, gum, bark, fruit, leaves and blossom all serve some useful purpose. In fact, the tree has been regarded for its medicinal properties. A gum (gum guaiac) obtained from its resin was once regarded as a purgative. It was exported to Europe from the early 16th century as a remedy (combined with mercury) for syphillis and has also been used as a remedy for gout. The wood was once used as propeller shaft bearings in nearly all the ships sailing the ‘Seven Seas’. Because of this, Lignum Vitae and Jamaica are closely associated in shipyards worldwide. It is a very heavy wood which will sink in water. Because of its toughness it is used for items such as mortars, mallets, pulleys and batons and sometimes used for furniture.

Measures: Height 18cm - 16cm
Width 6cm
Depth 6cm

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