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Pair, Lamps, Table, Print Roller, Wood, Metal, Victorian, Upcycled

Pair, Lamps, Table, Print Roller, Wood, Metal, Victorian, Upcycled

circa 1850
70.00cm high (27.56 inches high)
15.00cm diameter (5.91 inches diameter)
Description / Expertise
An unusual pair of wood, metal and textile Victorian, Print Rollers Upcycled into 27½ high Lamps

- Dating from the mid-19th century this pair of print rollers were used to block print wallpapers. Individual rollers were used to print different colours.
- The raised metal and textile, geometric design creates a deep relief and a 3 dimensional effect which is unusual in lamps.
- The height gives these lamps gravitas translating into statement pieces within an interior.
- Juxtapose with period interiors and blend into modern and contemporary schemes.
- The contrasting honey colour of the varnished wood and grey metal and textile are warm and harmonise with most colour schemes.
- Minimal surface wear to the varnished patina on the edges which is untouched and can be retouched in if preferred
- The conversion is recent so they conform to UK PAT Electrical standards.

Print roller height 70cm., 27½ inches
Overall height 70cm, 27 ½ inches
Diameter of roller 15cm., 6 inches
Diameter of base 19cm., 7½ inches.

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