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Lamp Guitar Electric Punk Bubble Gum Pink Condemned to Rock & Roll Chrome Maple

Lamp Guitar Electric Punk Bubble Gum Pink Condemned to Rock & Roll Chrome Maple

circa 1970
99.00cm high (38.98 inches high)
30.00cm wide (11.81 inches wide)
5.00cm deep (1.97 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
Vintage, rock and roll/punk enthusiasts lamp/guitar that can easily be strummed or played. Upcycled from a vintage pink punk kick-ass guitar for the discerning rock chick. Oozing attitude and style, this guitar exudes personality from every finely tuned piece of hardware. A little over the top, maybe, but what credible guitarist wants to be a shrinking violet on stage when you can be screaming anti-socialite, standing out like the rose between the thorns. With this Axe of beauty in your grip a plethora of bone-jarring riffs are a few well timed strums and accurately placed fingers away. Packing a host of features from twin pickups to hi-gloss finish and 5 way pick up selector switch this guitar hits all the high notes, without a hint of awkwardness.

The custom hi-gloss, bubble gum 'Pink Punk' body is decorated with black and white `Condemned to Rock` graphics. Bolt-on construction. Linden basswood top, body, sides and back. Maple neck and fretboard. Chrome hardware. 22 frets. 6 steel strings. 3 single coil pick ups. 1 volume, 2 tone, 5-way pick up selector switch.

Acquired from a collection along with another in purple.

Mounted onto a removable 4cm high custom made, Perspex base and electrified with black 3-core flex and plug.
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