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Brunswick Lion Bronze German Model Black Marble, 19th Century

Brunswick Lion Bronze German Model Black Marble, 19th Century

circa 1880
13.50cm high (5.31 inches high)
17.30cm wide (6.81 inches wide)
7.50cm deep (2.95 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
A German bronze model of the medieval Brunswick lion, mounted on a black marble plinth, late-19th century,

The German prince, Henry, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria, commissioned the original sculpture and placed it in front of his castle at Brunswick as a symbol of his power. The lion was a feat of engineering – the first large hollow bronze casting of a figure since classical times. The sculpture has a highly worked surface and naturalistic form, which suggest the original was made by an experienced goldsmith or bell founder. The lion soon became the heraldic animal of Brunswick, appearing on the city’s seal and coins.

Measures: Height 13.5cm
Width 17.3cm
Depth 7.5cm

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