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I work closely with international, private, institutional and corporate collectors as well as architects, designers & decorators worldwide.

I advise clients who wish to source specific pieces and either form or enhance collections. I can either work directly with the client, or collaborate with the architect/designer/decorator working on a project sourcing pieces within a specific budget.

I handle the sale of pieces, discreetly, on consignment from private, corporate and institutional collectors.

I give advice on acquiring pieces at auction and bid, confidentially, on behalf of clients.

I advise on fine art insurance and can obtain competitive rates.

I, discreetly, undertake valuations for insurance, probate, estate and inheritance tax.

Installation, Placing
Hanging & Lighting
Interior Design
Restoration, Conservation
Upholstery & Framing
Carriage, Shipping
Export & Storage

Installation, Placing, Hanging & Lighting

I advise on the acquisition and placing of furniture and art within interiors so that they create the effect and fulfill the function that the client is seeking. This includes advice on hanging and lighting.

Interior Design Service

A significant lifestyle change has taken place over the last 5 years, and the inclination is to furnish homes with an eclectic and uncluttered mix of furniture, pictures and works of art from different periods. Early furniture mixes very well with modern and contemporary pictures, ceramics and works of art, and the juxtaposition is exciting, dynamic and representative of the 21st century. Conversely, old master pictures, drawings and tapestries mix very well with modern and contemporary furniture creating highly, stylized interiors.

I create interiors which are tailored to each client¹s lifestyle and living requirements and reflect their personality and taste.

Working Terms & Conditions

Stage One ­ Identifying the client's requirement

  • Initial client meeting:
  • Outline the project
  • Establish the purpose and function of the room/s
  • Establish the client requirement for use of the room
  • Establish the client preferences and lifestyle
  • Site Meeting

Stage Two ­ Designing the client¹s requirement

  • Sample boards
  • Illustrations
  • Estimates
  • Client meeting for presentation of the above.

Stage Three ­ The Works

  • Ordering, manufacturing and installation of the works.

Stage Four - Completion

  • Completion of the works and final client meeting.

Fee Structure

I charge an hourly rate which is invoiced on a monthly basis. All out-of-pocket expenses such as air flights, couriers, travel and photographic cost are invoiced on a monthly basis. All quotations and tenders for works are obtained on the client's behalf, and the contract is arranged directly between the client and the contractor. I charge an administrative fee which is a percentage of the total invoice cost of the works for liason, administration and implementation which is invoiced upon completion of the project. All charges are subject to vat.

Restoration, Conservation, Upholstery & Framing

I advise on conservation and restoration. I am in contact with the leading, restorers and conservators which allows me to select the specialist best suited to work on each individual piece.

I can advise on the most appropriate upholstery and framing for specific pieces using my connections with the specialists in these fields and knowledge of their expertise.

Carriage, Shipping, Export & Storage

I work closely with the specialist, fine art & antique, carriers and shippers and can advise on the movement of pieces within the UK, Europe and Internationally. I can also, discreetly, advise on the most appropriate storage facilities, short or long-term, for specific pieces or collections as well as inventory management.