A fine, late-17th century, ‘verdure’ tapestry

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Decorated with a forest scene illustrating a large crane, in the foreground, two geese in the midst, and a large, castle beside a clump of trees in the background with a hilly landscape beyond. Framed within the original, stylised border containing arms. Wharp undyed wool, wheft dyed wool and silk. Woven in shades of blue, yellow, ivory, brown and green. Original size. Minor repairs. Flemish, possibly Oudenaarde or Antwerp, last quarter of the 17th century.

Width : 310 cm./122 in., Height : 261 cm./103 in.

This finely, woven piece has survived in remarkable condition, retaining both its original size and border, with little fading to the colours. The large, trees in the foreground establish a rhythmic division, with more distant trees aligned for perspective effect leading the eye to the low horizon. The crane and geese constitute the minimal fauna, and the castle suggests human presence.

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