A fine, early-17th century, strong box on stand with original paintwork

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The top with eighteen, panels reinforced with strap work, and bolts. A keyhole in the centre, with the original cover. The key operating a mechanism on the interior of the lid throwing twelve bolts. Protected by a two-tiered, pierced and engraved inner cover decorated with primitive figures and exotic beasts. The hinges original. The interior painted red, and with a candle box with original lock. The front with eighteen, panels reinforced with strap work and bolts. Twin hasp fittings. Elaborate mask heads above and beneath the false escutcheon elaborately decorated with aztec figures. The sides with six, panels reinforced with strap work and bolts and original carrying handles. Retaining original painted vignettes of landscape scenes and floral sprays on a green ground. The later, shaped, wooden stand painted at the front and on the sides. Probably Spanish, 1st quarter of the 17th century. 11111436.
The painting on this piece has survived in excellent condition, and is full of provincial charm and character. The tiered lock plate is an unusual form, and beautifully engraved. Documents and private papers are recorded as being kept in strong boxes, which were also used to safeguard other items of personal value.

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