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Chest of Drawers, Mid-20th Century, Two-Tone, Maple & Laurel, Kroehler

Chest of Drawers, Mid-20th Century, Two-Tone, Maple & Laurel, Kroehler

circa 1950
82.00cm high (32.28 inches high)
192.00cm wide (75.59 inches wide)
48.50cm deep (19.09 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
The use of two different coloured woods to create a two-tone effect is very striking and complements the simple form. This unusual chest of drawers is a signature piece that injects character into any interior.

The raised sides sit proud of the top elevating the chest creating an elegant tray effect. The front is fitted with three drawers with original wooden knobs in contrasting dark brown laurel. The sides have a projecting section of contrasting dark brown laurel at the front which defines the form. Inverted triangular feet. "Kroehler Made" metal tag. Designer unknown.

In 1902, Peter E. Kroehler bought the Naper ville Lounge Co., a maker of wooden lounge chairs and upholstered furniture. Kroehler built a new factory in Naperville in 1913 after the original facility was destroyed by a tornado. Soon thereafter, he renamed the company Kroehler Manufacturing Co. This enterprise soon operated across the country and employed several hundred men and women in the Chicago area. By the middle of the 1940s, with over $20 million in annual sales, Kroehler was the second-largest furniture maker in the United States. During the 1960s, when the company employed close to 8,000 people around the country, annual revenues passed $100 million. The company struggled during the 1970s, closing its historic Naperville factory in 1978 and ending its operations in the area. In 1981 Kroehler was acquired by the ATR Group of Northbrook, which put the company up for sale. By the early 2000s, furniture was still manufactured under the Kroehler name by two unrelated companies, one in North Carolina and the other in Ontario, Canada.

Birdseye Maple
North America
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