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Bookcase, Glazed, Free-standing, Full-height, Gothic, Oak

Bookcase, Glazed, Free-standing, Full-height, Gothic, Oak

circa 1850
271.00cm high (106.69 inches high)
226.00cm wide (88.98 inches wide)
44.00cm deep (17.32 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
This is an exceptional Gothic-Revival bookcase dating from the mid-19th century. It is a cabinet piece of extremely high quality, the oak employed has exceptional figuring and it has a lustrous patina and rich mellow color. It is large but not massive so it would not overpower an interior. It is in excellent condition and can accommodate a large volume of books. The lower cupboard section is very useful for storing books or items that need to be concealed.

In three horizontal sections, cornice, upper glazed bookcase and lower cupboard. The upper glazed bookcase in two parts, a right hand side double bookcase and left hand side single.

The detachable cornice with an ogee moulding above a deep frieze.

The bookcase divided into three sections, each with six panels with original glazing and gothic arches at the top. The interior with numerous fittings for shelves. The doors with original escutcheons, locks and a replaced steel key that operates all the upper bookcase locks.

The cupboard section with a 3cm thick top and divided into three sections. The oak doors have beautiful and profuse medullary ray figuring resembling a burr which the cabinet maker has selected to match and Gothic motifs in each corner and at the top of the interposed moulded panels. The interior divided into three enclosed sections each fitted with a single shelf. Original escutcheons, locks and replaced steel key operating all the cupboard base locks.

The sides with exceptional medullary ray figuring.

On a plinth base.

The carcass pine.

Twelve Pine Shelves faced with oak reeding which fit inside the 3 compartments of the upper glazed bookcase each 68cm long. Twenty-four oak shelf supports.

Measures: Overall height 271 cm high, cornice height 13cm glazed bookcase upper section height 161cm, bottom section cupboard base height 96 cm
Cornice length 226cm, cupboard section length 221cm
Depth 44cm

It is photographed without the shelves in the bookcase.
United Kingdom
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