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Lamp, Table, Sculpture, Oak, Mother & Child, Naïve, Baroque

Lamp, Table, Sculpture, Oak, Mother & Child, Naïve, Baroque

circa 1680
64.00cm high (25.20 inches high)
12.50cm wide (4.92 inches wide)
10.00cm deep (3.94 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
A Mother & Child, Naïve, Baroque, oak, sculpture, upcycled into a 25” high, table lamp

- Unusual statement & conversation piece; introducing an enduring classic theme into the interior
- The mother and child has been a strong symbolic motif of fecundity, maternity and creativity throughout the history of art. From the fertility goddess figures of the Paleolithic period to the twentieth century, this image has recurringly emerged as an empowering, symbolic theme.
- The mother’s facial expression and the way in which she is holding the child and holding out her hand invokes love, care, compassion and protection; qualities that are present or desirable in the home.
- The carving has a charming, naïve quality demonstrating the interplay of the linear and modelled form the drapery with the solid volumes of the human body which was of great interest to Classical sculptors became one of the principal themes of Renaissance and post-Renaissance sculpture.
- Harmonises with period interiors; juxtaposes and blends into modern and contemporary schemes.
- The soft rich, lustrous patina is warm and harmonises with most colour schemes.
- The conversion is recent so it conforms to UK Electrical standards.

Perspex base 2.50cm 1inch.
The sculpture : Height 48.50., 19 inches, Width 12.50cm., 5 inches, Depth 10cm., 4 inches.
Overall height 64cm., 25 inches.

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