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Painted, Cloth, Wallhanging, 20th Century, Scandinavian, Folk Art

Painted, Cloth, Wallhanging, 20th Century, Scandinavian, Folk Art

circa 1900
165.00cm high (64.96 inches high)
345.00cm wide (135.83 inches wide)
1.00cm deep (0.39 inches deep)
Description / Expertise
Painted cloths were fashionable wall-hangings in the 17th century as they much cheaper than tapestries and woven textiles. Very few survive from this period and there was a revival of interest and popularity in them in the late 19th and early 20th century. This charming hanging exudes character and the essence of Folk Art.

This massive hanging depicts a naive stencilled design with two repeats of a lady, sitting beside a duck pond, and holding a fish on a rod with a house and garden in the background.

It is stretched over a frame which it could easily removed from for transport and the frame could be dismantled and reassembled on site.

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