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Nests, 2011

Description / Expertise

Whilst setting up my new studio I stumbled upon an old collection of bird’s nests.
Having lots of new space I displayed them, and started to think. They seemed an equivalent to the organic sculptures I was making, I saw an opportunity to study the materials I was casting into bronze, sculpted by another creature.

As I was exploring the universe of nests, their symbolic and metaphorical values, their presence and linearity (they really are 3 dimensional drawings), I was discovering the language of paint.

It hadn’t escaped me that I was also building my own nest, bedding into a new space. These intimate objects have become my companions. I spend the first few hours of every day exploring with oil and pigment, their minute parallel worlds.

As I try to unravel these complex forms. I remind myself of the quote. That ‘Men can do everything except build a birds nest’.

£ 1,000 each

Laurence Edwards 2011

very exciting, very new, more information to follow
oil on board
gbp 9000.00 (Pound Sterling)
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