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Creek 2, 2004

Description / Expertise
LAURENCE EDWARDS A.R.B.S. (British, b.1967):
Creek 2, 2004

Unique sculpture

PROVENANCE: Artist’s collection

Height 74 cm. 29 in., Length 64 cm. 25 in. Depth 36 cm. 14 in.

Creek 1
Height 77 cm. 30 in., Length 61 cm. 24 in. Depth 46 cm. 18 in.

In 2004 Edwards sculpted 'Creek' a unique bronze which was his first large sculpture made out of organic matter from the marshland landscape. Creek 1 & 2, were created at the same time, and are examples of Laurence Edwards’ early experiments in casting directly with organic material. The grasses and reeds in these unique casts have been burnt out inside a mould in a kiln, bronze was then poured into the spaces that were left. An exciting process as everything can be lost during the pour, the holes and spaces, are areas where the bronze didn't get to, the nails are core pins left. Leaving these elements as clues; for Laurence adds to the story of the piece, and helps to evoke other readings of the work, links to landscape etc.

Inspired by the marsh next to his studio and foundry in Butley Suffolk. Laurence was thinking about the archeology and the Saxon history of the Suffolk coast. These heads were a precursor to later works such as the Creek men, giant bronze figures that floated on the marshes at Snape.
gbp 25000.00 (Pound Sterling)
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